Commercial Full Bucket Swing Seat with 8'6" Plastisol Chain

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Introducing the newest addition to our line of commercial infant swings! The Commercial Full Bucket Seat is made of highly durable EPDM rubber and includes a stainless insert. Rated for commercial use, this is a great swing for parks, schools, or backyard swings set builders that want commercial-grade strength and durability.

The swing comes complete with our 8'6" Plastisol Coated Swing Chain for a smooth grip and reduced pinching! The chain conveniently attaches to the swing using our rugged Clevis shackles (included). Clevis assembly allows you to easily swap out components as needed. Our swing kits speed up installation time, allowing the children in your life to enjoy the outdoors faster than ever!

Bucket Swing Features

  • Rated for commercial use
  • Ideal for ages 2-5 years
  • 1/4" thick EPDM rubber swing
  • Opening is approximately 12" front to back, 10" side to side
  • Includes a molded-in steel insert for strength and vandal resistance
  • Sturdy galvanized triangle brackets are riveted to seat
  • Swing Seat available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Black

Plastisol Coated Chain Features

  • Chain is 8'6" (102") in length and is partially plastisol coated for 30"
  • Recommended chain length for swing beams that are 10-12 ft tall
  • Chain attaches to swing securely and easily with included Clevises
  • Requires minor assembly (instructions included)
  • Choose from Blue, Green or Yellow coated chain

Attaching to Swing Beam

This kit can easily attach to new or existing swing hangers with fasteners at the top (both sold separately). The chain links at the top can accommodate Clevises, S-Hooks, and other commercial fasteners. Whether you have a wood or pipe swing beam, we have a variety of commercial swing hangers that will work for you.

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