CoPoly Half Bucket Swing Seat with 8'6" Plastisol Chain

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Your toddler can enjoy swinging with added comfort and back support with our Half Bucket Swing Seat! This seat is made of highly durable copolymer plastic and includes our 8'6" partially coated chain. The chain is partially coated in plastisol for soft gripping and reduced pinching, plus the added chain length works great for taller swing beam heights! We also include the S-11 Front Safety Chain for added security while your child is swinging.

Swing Features

  • Half bucket child seat gives back support for swinging
  • Seat includes the S-11 Front Safety Chain
  • Sturdy galvanized triangle brackets
  • Taller triangle brackets offer greater stability for swinging
  • Swing Seat available in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow
  • Chain is 8'6" (102") length and partially coated in plastisol
  • All chain is 3/16" zinc coated
  • Chain available in Blue, Green, and Yellow
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