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Commercial Full Bucket Swing Seat with 5'6" Fully Coated Chain

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Introducing the newest addition to our line of commercial infant swings! The Commercial Full Bucket Seat is made of highly durable EPDM rubber and includes a stainless insert. Rated for commercial use, this is a great swing for parks, schools, or backyard swings set builders that want commercial-grade strength and durability. The swing comes assembled to our 5'6" Fully Coated Swing Chain using S-Hooks for a smooth grip and reduced pinching! 

This pre-assembled swing kit will speed up installation time, allowing more play time for children in your life. An added bonus for both parties! 

Full Bucket Swing Features

  • Rated for commercial use
  • Ideal for ages 2-5 years
  • 1/4" thick EPDM rubber swing
  • Opening is approximately 12" front to back, 10" side to side
  • Includes a molded-in steel insert for strength and vandal resistance
  • Sturdy galvanized triangle brackets are riveted to seat
  • Swing Seat available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Black

Fully Coated Chain Features

  • Full Plastisol coating provides a velvety smooth grip for reduced pinching
  • Chain is 5'6" (66") in length and fully coated in plastisol
  • Recommended chain length for swing beams that are 7-8 ft tall
  • Chain comes already assembled to full bucket seat with S-Hooks
  • Choose from Blue, Green, or Yellow coated chain
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