Sky Tree Hanger - Swing Strap for Tree Limbs

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Now you can hang all your swings on tree limbs with ease! This 2" wide heavy duty webbing loops around a tree limb that you can then attach to a swing or other hanging item. Comes in 6 or 12 ft lengths, which can be shortened by wrapping multiple times around the branch to the desired length.


  • Sold individually
  • Available in Green/Tan or Black/Grey (no choice)
  • Choose between 6 ft or 12 ft lengths
  • Loop around limb to adjust length
  • Includes one safety carabiner *
  • 2" wide heavy duty webbing
  • Holds up to 250 lbs!

* Important: this connector is too thick to fit through most chain links. May require additional connection hardware.

Installation Instructions

Hang on a live tree branch at least 10" diameter with a clearance of at least 6' in all directions. Final distance to the ground should be no more than 24". Test branch strength by having 2 adults pull down on the branch with 500 lbs of force. Checking for any breaking or cracking before final swing installation.

For best results without crooked swinging, use a level tree branch for belt and flat swings.

Recommended Use:

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