36" Wide Rope Ladder for Backyard Playset

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Give your kids an exciting access to their playset with this high quality Backyard Residential Rope Ladder! Kids love the challenge of climbing up a rope ladder as though they are climbing aboard their very own pirate ship!

Rope Ladder Features

  • High quality wooden dowels with a beautiful dark stain
  • Large 1-3/8" diameter dowels
  • Overall rope ladder length is 106" end to end
  • 36" wide rungs that span 48" vertically
  • 6 wooden rungs with 9" between each rung
  • 1/2" nylon rope
  • Comes with 4 pelican hooks across the top
  • Rope is loose at the bottom for anchoring


Installation Instructions

Attach four pelican hooks to eyebolts in swing set. Make sure that ladder is taut and bottom of ladder is anchored. This can be done in several ways depending upon how you are using the ladder. Bottom of ladder must be anchored. Both the CPSC and the ASTM recommended that flexible climbing devices be anchored below ground level. This means that any bar, J-bolt or other type of fastener must be located below the level of the playing surface so that the anchoring device does not present a trip hazard or a fall hazard if a child should fall back onto the bottom of the flexible climber. Cut any excess rope and tape the ends off with duct tape to prevent fraying.

Recommended Use:

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