Super Tube Slide 90 Degree Replacement Elbow

No current ETA - likely Spring 2021
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This 90 degree replacement section is for the 03-0001 - Super Tube Slide ONLY.


  • Works with Super Tube Slide as a replacement elbow
  • Available in Blue, Green, and Yellow
  • Includes assembly hardware
  • Special Order Item: usually ships about 2-3 weeks from order date


Disclaimer for Adding Sections to Super Tube Slide

We are often asked if we offer the Super Tube Slide in a taller version. The addition of one or more of these 90 degree sections can be used to increase the height of the Super Turbo Tube Slide (about 18" per section). However, since the slide is not engineered and has not been strength or safety tested for this configuration, we do not recommend doing so. Doing so voids our and the manufacturer's warranty on the entire slide, you will likely need to drill new holes in the connecting flanges, and possibly make other modifications to support the slide. Neither we or the manufacturer can provide assembly assistance beyond providing the assembly instructions for the regular 84" height installation.

Ordering Instructions

Because of freight shipping savings, if you are ordering this replacement elbow with a complete Super Tube Slide, we are able to offer a discounted price. However, if ONLY ordering the Replacement Elbow, please select "without Super Tube Slide" for Order Type.

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