Open Spiral Slide

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One of our most popular spiral slides! Unlike our spiral tube slides, this unique design allows for spiraling down from your play set in the open air! The sectional pieces allow for easy assembly and delivery. Injection molded from structural foam. Comes complete with hardware and assembly instructions.

Slide Features & Specifications

  • Select from Green or Yellow
  • Available for deck heights of 60", 66", and 72" (see important note below)
  • Injection molded from structural foam
  • Includes hardware and instructions for 60" deck height slide
  • Fits an 18" opening
  • 125 lb weight limit
  • 24" wide sliding bed (including handrails)
  • 5-6" tall handrails
  • Footprint is approximately a 60" square in front of the deck
  • Number of sections per slide height (including entry and exit): 60" - 8, 66" - 9, 72" - 10
  • Includes 3" diameter support pipe

Important: Deck Height Modifications

The Open Spiral Slide is made for a 60" deck height, but with the addition of mid-section pieces can be made to fit 66" and 72" tall decks! However, because these are modifications, please keep the following in mind:

  • Included instructions are for a 60" deck height slide. The 66" and 72" slide versions include one or two additional mid-sections respectively.
  • The number of screws included with all versions is for the 60" deck height version. You will need to purchase additional screws locally for the 66" and 72" slide versions.
  • Total 2-piece support pipe length is 80" and mounts a smaller distance in the ground for the for the 66" and 72" slide versions
  • The box dimension is 47"x23.5"x30" and regardless of slide size, is labeled as containing a slide for a 60" deck
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