Mega Tree Strap Swing Hanger

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Introducing our ULTRA heavy duty, multipurpose Mega Tree Strap Swing Hangers! Perfect for hanging a swing from a sturdy, level tree branch.

These rugged straps utilize a cross-stitch pattern on opposite ends and feature a 1/2" thick heavy duty carabiner with lock nut. These straps are 2"x5' and hold up to 2000 lbs! Also includes a high-quality Cordura-like nylon sleeve that covers and protects the point-of-contact as a barrier between the tree branch and straps, making them extremely durable as well as abrasion resistant, reducing wear and tear of the product.


  • Sold individually
  • 2" wide by 4' long
  • Heavy duty cross-stitched strap
  • Includes high quality nylon sleeve for extra protection against wear on the tree branch
  • Amazing 2000 lb weight limit!
  • 1/2" thick heavy duty carabiner with locking nut*
  • Loop around limb to adjust length
  • Comes in Green or Black (no choice)
  • Made in the USA!

* Important: this connector is too thick to fit through most chain links. May require additional connection hardware.

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