Komfort Swing Seat with 8'6" Plastisol Chain

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If the kids like to swing for hours on end... this is your swing seat! Flat hollow plastic molded-for-comfort swing seat comes complete with eye hooks. The Komfort Swing Seat with Chain combines the S-05R - Komfort Swing Seat with 8'6" Partially Coated Chain. Chain is coated in plastisol for soft grip and reduced pinching!

Swing Seat Features

  • Swing for hours in comfort!
  • Flat hollow plastic seat
  • Seat measures 5-1/2" x 16"
  • Flat portion of seat is approximately 12" wide
  • Seat is available only in Green
  • Chain is 8'6" (102") long with the first 30" plastisol coated
  • Select swing chain coating from Blue, Green, and Yellow

Note that this seat is intended for smaller children and may not fit the bottom size of larger kids.

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